Japanese Knotweed isn’t the only plant that can cause an issue

Other Plants

When left untreated there are many invasive plants in the UK, other than Japanese Knotweed that can quickly take over your garden or development site.

The most common invasive plants are Marestail, Hogweed, Nettles, Brambles, Buddleia, Ragwort, Himalayan Balsam, Dock, Bracken, Hedge Parsley, Cow Parsley and Gorse.

These plants have been known to colonise many gardens, public footpaths, recreational areas, brownfield sites, railway tracks, pastures and much more if not carefully managed by a specialist like South Wales Knotweed Garden Services.

In general terms, they are plants or weeds that have very little appeal when it comes to colour and greenery.

South Wales Knotweed Garden services are specialists in the treatment of invasive weeds across South Wales and the West of the UK. Treating overgrown ‘vegetation’ in gardens, at places of interest, council sites, development sites and many more are one of the many Garden Services we provide.

We are fully equipped and have the knowledge and expertise to treat many invasive plant species or plants which are generally considered as undesirable to homeowners, councils, businesses and developers.

We are often referred to by estate agents and mortgage brokers who need a site cleared in preparation for restoration and property transfer. Our team of gardeners will plan how they will clear it quickly and how they can ensure the area looks refreshed after.

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Invasive Plants

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South Wales Knotweed Garden Services will come out to your property or site and assess the invasive plants that are growing. We will advise you of the best treatment and removal methods and provide you with a free no-obligation quote.

Our expert garden services will quickly and efficiently clear any unwanted plants as we know the tools, techniques and chemicals that are needed to effectively control and remove.

We are experts in the invasive plant industry and are trusted to advise the best methods of treatment and removal for all types of nuisance weeds in the UK.

During times of high demand, we may use a well-known sub-contractor for this type of clearance work, however, they are fully briefed and managed against our commitment to you and you will only deal with us. We commit to ensuring we only use contractors that will provide the same level of service as a member of our own team.